Published on February 2, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Vanessa Yang shows us how to properly apply concealer for a flawless face.

As far as makeup products goes, concealer is a little thing that can make a world of difference for women of all ages and skin types. Vanessa Yang, from Noir Cosmetics, shares her know-how on this versatile makeup product, including the various reasons to use concealer.

Why use concealer?

There are a couple of reasons to reach for your tube of concealer, one the main reasons being to color correct. Some common problem areas include the cheek area and under the eyes. Concealer can be used to mitigate redness or discoloration that occurs in these areas due to lack of sleep, age, exercise, or emotional stress. 

To color correct those telltale under eye circles, you should first assess your skin tone. For instance, for darker, olive skin tone, you would use a yellow tone of color corrector, which will correct any blueness under the eye. The same does not go for fair skin. For fair skin, a peach or pink color corrector would do the trick. For darker complexion, orange or red tones of color correction work best. Next, using a smaller sponge, stipple your concealer directly onto the under eye circles, being wary of over-applying. Once you’ve completed this step, you can apply your foundation and regular makeup right on top.

To combat redness, particularly on the cheeks, (rosacea), or in the form of acne, refer to the green tone concealer on your palette. Stippling green right onto red spots will counteract the red, and can act as a full-coverage primer underneath of your foundation. 



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