Published on March 23, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Following your intuition is key to a happy and successful life.  We have well travelled motivational coach Reno Johnston with us today to talk about how to create and follow that intuition.  It seems that today, we have lost the art of listening to our gut, to our inner self.

Reno emphasizes that the first, key step is to just Slow Down.  He points out that we are constantly going, going, be it on social media, in traffic, fast food and everything is geared towards instant gratification.  He can’t repeat enough times the importance of slowing down throughout your day, such as during your morning routine, getting home from work.  Reno wants us to make a conscious effort to decrease the fast-paced lifestyle because it doesn’t work and is very detrimental for us.  It can even make us feel disconnected from our own life.

Secondly, Reno introduces the concept of Space, meaning creating an environment conducive to slowing down, allowing us to check-in with oneself.  He points out that we live with so much clutter, not only emotional and physical but also technological clutter, such as having an abundance of apps open all at once on our devices and on social media.

Reno moves on to promoting developing the skill to Talk to Oneself, be it out loud, or internally.  Journal keeping is a wonderful method of capturing your thoughts and feelings, making yourself aware of what is going on in your head.  As you go back through your journals, it can help you understand more easily how your mind works and you may see a progression of your own self development.

Finally, Reno talks about the Art of Listening.  He doesn’t mean only listening to others, although you can receive golden nuggets of knowledge and insight by listening to others.  But he also means to really listen to yourself, because if you have slowed down and created space, it is now much easier to go inward and check in with what your mind is communicating to you.

The last of Reno’s key tips is to Test and Trust that inner voice.  Many times, we have that inner voice telling us the answer to life’s big questions, but we must have the faith to trust what our body and intuition is telling us.  You should be strong enough to be able to make a few false starts and grow from them as your confidence grows with your improving intuition!



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