Published on September 22, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

If you have a tight and busy schedule that leaves you with little time to spend in the kitchen these fast food prepping ideas that Alex Paton demonstrates may come in handy.

If you have a busy schedule that leaves you with very little time to spend in the kitchen, these food prepping ideas, courtesy of Alex Paton, may just save the day.

Spiralize Your Vegetables

A food spiralizer is a food prep Godsend that not enough people know about. As its name suggests, a food spiralizer turns fresh veggies into noodle-like spirals, making them easier to cook, or making them salad- and sandwich-ready. If you don’t want to purchase a food spiralizer, you can actually purchase spiralized veggies at the grocery store.

Cook Like Items Together

Even if you plan to season certain foods differently, if they required similar cooking methods, you can try to cook them together. For instance, before popping your pan of chicken into the oven, toss in some vegetables, which will lend some natural flavor to the chicken as they cook. Use DIY aluminum foil traps to keep food seasoning and oil from bleeding from one dish to the next.

Freeze Your Smoothie

If smoothies are your drink of choice in the morning, consider prepping in the ingredients well in advance, and in bulk. Utilizing muffin trays, distribute equal amounts of fruit, seed, oats, almond milk, and whatever else you tend to add to your morning smoothie, then simply pop the tray in the freezer. Every morning, pop a couple of frozen smoothie cups into the blender for a fast fix.



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