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In this special fashion-themed episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Trend Spotting, Interior Decorator Christine Da Costa talks with Sarah Talbot from P&F WorkWear about workwear essentials for women. Keep reading for the highlights of their interview.
Christine Da Costa: Take us through P&F Women’s WorkWear?
Sarah Talbot: We started the collection almost ten years ago. And we have everything you need from workwear to gardening-wear.
CDC: Can I just say, I love the pink boot. My kind of boot.
ST: Yes, this one is our new one. So this one is waterproof. They have a zipper on the side. 
CDC: Who is your target market, Sarah?
ST: Women from about 20 years old. There’s no age to work, so we have a lot of customers. It depends, we have people working on worksites, but we also have women who like to do renovations. So really, any woman.
CDC: That’s great, thanks so much, Sarah. I love it!
About P&F WorkWear:
Founded almost ten years ago, P&F Workwear offer a selection of quality women safety work boots, workwear, and accessories to women working in non-traditional trades.
To shop workwear looks and more, visit the P&F WorkWear website.
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