Published on July 31, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Do you have brow-envy? If you don’t already, you will once you see the fabulous “after” results of this brow-filler tutorial, courtesy of our makeup expert, Amanda.

Step 1: Shape Them

First and foremost, wax, thread, or tweeze your eyebrows into a shape you like, paying close attention to the arch. If you have a tendency to overdo it, consult a professional who can help you to achieve the right brow shape for your face.

Step 2: Brow Groomer

Using a brow groomer, comb your eyebrows in a sweeping motion, upwards and out, following the natural line of the brow bone.

Step 3: Select Your Filler Color

You can go one of two ways with your filler color: your true brown color or a shade or two darker. TIP Start out light and with less. You can always go over too-light brows with a darker shade to make them bolder.

Step 4: Outline and Fill In

Using a thin brush, create a soft line directly beneath the brow; from this line, work your way upwards and outwards, shading in your brows, and being careful to stay true to the original brow shape and arch.

Step 5: Clean Up 

If necessary, clean up any excess makeup using concealer and/or a makeup remover wipe.



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