Published on December 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Got a holiday party or two on the horizon? Well, we’ve got the perfect makeup look to suit the merriment of the season: the cranberry smokey eye. Learn how to recreate this unexpected twist on a classic holiday look below.

Step 1: Apply Foundation 

As with most standard makeup routines, this look begins with the application of foundation. Apply it all over the face in short, concise strokes

Step 2: Apply Concealer

Next, apply concealer to the eye lids. This will act as a base for your eye shadow.

Step 3: Apply Eye Shadow

Here’s where the “cranberry” part of “cranberry smoky eye” begins: apply cranberry eye shadow directly to the lid, using short patting motions.

Step 4: Highlight The Brow Bone

Next up: the brow bone. The color you use on your brow bone should be matte, snd a shade lighter than your foundation. Use this color to highlight the brow bone.

Step 5: Blend

Using a blending brush, apply blending powder in small circles to blend the lid color and the brow color together slightly. For a true smoky eye, apply black shadow, in the outermost “v” crease of the eye, then use the same blending powder on the black shadow slightly, so there’s not a harsh black line. Once you’ve blended to a point you’re happy with, apply gel black eye liner, working from the inside of the eye, outwards.

Step 6: Finish Off The Look

To complete your makeup look, apply black mascara, brown gel, cranberry blush, and cranberry gloss to the lips. If you so desire, repeat steps 1 – 5 on the bottom lid of the eye, and add bottom lash mascara

TIP To lend a little more glam to this already glamorous look, apply white shimmer shadow to the innermost corners of the eye.


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