Published on August 17, 2019 by Marc & Mandy

Matt Falk and Ron Josol share their relationship pet peeves.



  • Nancy Giese 8 months ago

    Too funny

  • John McL 8 months ago


  • toniv 8 months ago

    I have a few of the same!!

  • MrDisco 8 months ago

    that was funny

  • Marni C 8 months ago

    Good Sunday morning laugh, thanks!

  • LILLIAN BROWN 8 months ago

    Thanks .

  • Destiny 8 months ago

    LOL I love Ron Josol!

    My biggest pet peeve right now – Socks everywhere. nuf said. :S

  • Darren Scrubb 7 months ago

    I understand very well the pet peeve stated in this video. I am sure many people also have this same one as well.

  • Darren Scrubb 7 months ago

    I feel that this pet peeve is one I have myself.

  • Amberleah 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Linda Webster 7 months ago

    My pet peeve is the same as Ron Josol’s. It’s important to be accepted for who you are.

  • Maria Leandres 7 months ago

    Great show

  • Holly S 7 months ago

    Haha! Great!

  • Que Banh 6 months ago

    That was hilarious!

  • Michelle L 5 months ago

    Thank you

  • Monica S 5 months ago

    Haha! Funny! And I can relate to at least one of those pet peeves, too!

  • Lisa Gorigo 4 weeks ago

    If the truth is in the cap. PetPeeves are for people who don’t recognize it – so stay by yourself, grow out of the petpeeves and your better half will you cuz in REALITY, you can work yourself out many situations since you got rid of those superflus PetPeeves.

  • DonnaBeeGood 4 weeks ago

    Haha, too funny

  • Lisa G. 7 days ago

    Being accepted for who you are? I mean, how trendy are you? I prefer Tarantino. You either like it or you just don’t for having reconjured my script.

  • Catherine Cole 2 hours ago

    That is so funny I can certainly see where he is coming from

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