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Making a grand entrance is so important! In that spirit, this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show features  Dan Cosens from Prairie Accent Railing. Today on the show, Marc and Dan chat about a beautiful stairwell makeover. Keep reading for the highlights from their interview. 
Marc: What was your inspiration behind this stairwell transformation?
Dan Cosens: Well, Marc, the customer came to us wanting to opening up their space and make it a little bit more modern. They wanted to redo the flooring and replace the wrought iron railing with and carpeting on their stairs. So, they came to us for some ideas on what we can do to renovate it and spruce up that space. 
M: A lot of times, when you walk into a home, the stairs are the first thing we see, so it’s really something that you want to invest in, right?
DC: Absolutely!
M: So, how did you actually go about this transformation project?
DC: In this particular instance, we removed all the wrought iron and we took apart that whole set of stairs, including all the treads, support brackets, and carpet treads. Then, we replaced the actual stair steps with stained oak, to match the flooring. After the stairs were installed, we took the stringers (the supports for the treads) and cladded it in stainless steel, to lend a nice, modern, metal look to it. After that, we added all the glass to it, which served to open up that whole area and give a modern flare.
About Prairie Accent Railing:
Prairie Accent Railing provides maintenance-free solutions for backyard decks and balconies. They serve Winnipeg and surrounding area as well as cottage country
To find out more about this transformation, watch the video above. For all your railing and decking needs, check out the Prairie Accent Railing website
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