Published on July 2, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Our celebrity designer, Evelyn Eshun, takes a visit to Luvcaa Kitchens to show us two gorgeous ideas for bathroom vanities.

Evelyn’s Look #1: Traditional

The great thing about traditionally design furniture pieces is that they tend to be timeless. In a room like the bathroom, where you don’t want to have to redesign too frequently, classic pieces can be a blessing. Evelyn’s pick for a traditional vanity is white quartz, with classic stainless steel hardware. To kick this look up a notch, Evelyn suggests playing with color, via the cabinetry. For this look, she shows us a classic quartz vanity with powder blue (Polish Sky) cabinetry.

Evelyn’s Look #2: Contemporary

Evelyn’s contemporary look features a vanity made out of a high-gloss rosewood veneer, which is an exotic wood. The look forgoes much hardware and boasts clean, simplistic lines, lending due spotlight to the rich and eye-catching rosewood veneer.


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