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On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Daniel Perchenok from Metropolitan Movers shares some tips that will help you to hire the right moving companies for your next move.
Expert Tip: Compare Companies and Quotes!
First things first, you want to go ahead and call about three different moving companies to get three quotes to compare. The reason you want to do this is because you want to get the average going rate on the market. Once you have the going rate on the market, you can start digging a little bit deeper. So, here’s some things to consider: 
  1. How long has the moving company been in the industry and are they going to stay there next year? Now, the reason you want to ask these questions is because you want to know whether that company is going to be accountable for any damages that might occur over the course of the move. You also want to find out if the company is they concerned with customer retention or if they’re just in it to make a quick buck and get out of the industry.
  1. Will the company provide you with a written agreement prior to the move, stating all the terms and agreements? Now, this is extremely important. In this industry, where there’s countless instances of hidden fees and costs. So, having the written agreement in place before getting started is going to save you from getting blind-sighted down the road. 
Hopefully these tips will help you next time you’re looking to hire a moving company!
Are you anticipating a move in your near future? Check out the Metropolitan Movers website to learn more about the services they offer. 
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