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Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Marc checks out the latest trends at the Toronto Interior Design Show. Keep reading for the highlights from the show!
Monogram Professional Kitchen Appliances
Not only is Monogram a reliable source for kitchen appliances, but they are a trendy-forward company in general. As of late, Monogram has teamed up with Zac Posen to create a one of a kind piece: a Panel Ready Refrigerator with a charcoal mirror finish. Panel Ready Refrigerators can be customized to the panel width and length that best suits your kitchen. 
Visit the Monogram Professional Kitchen Appliances website to learn more. 
Zomodo Canada
Zomodo Canada is a company known for hand-crafted sinkware and other kitchen innovations. In addition to quality and trendiness, Zomodo boasts superior color-matching for sink hardware. Their kitchen hardware is 100 percent scratch resistant, deeming Zomodo products as practical as they are visually appealing.  
Visit the Zomodo Canada website to learn more.
Mural Unique
Mural Unique specializes in pre-pasted wall murals. Upon visiting the Mural Unique website, you will be offered thousands of options for vivid and creative wall murals, which can be adhered to a wall easily. Mural Unique’s wall murals are reusable and are a great way to invite texture and color into any room. 
Visit the Mural Unique website to learn more. 
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