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For this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Party Planning With The Pros, Event Planner Extraordinaire Mindy Weiss talks about some upcoming wedding trends. This segment is brought to you by Flowers by Uniquely Yours. 
Trend Watch: Low Floral Centerpieces
According to Mindy, we’re over the big, over-the-top centerpieces that previously stole the show. Instead, trends point towards centerpieces that are simple and understated. 
Trend Watch: Modern Wedding Dance Songs
Though musical numbers will still be a mainstay at weddings this season, the songs couples choose to have their first dance to will definitely be more contemporary and less classic. Also, though couples still may want to take dancing lessons before their big day, we can also expect to see some new, more modern wedding dance steps.
Trend Watch: Black & White Photography
While photography style depends entirely on the style of the bride and groom, Mindy predicts that we’ll see a reemergence in popularity of more classical black and white photography.
Trend Watch: ’90s Music
As millennials are getting hitched left and right, wedding music will take a nod to the ’90s, whether it’s a band or a DJ. 
Trend Watch: Tequila, Tequila, Tequila
According to Mindy, we’re out with the signature drinks and in with the good old fashioned beverages, such as the Moscow mules and tequila-based cocktails.
To find out more about these upcoming wedding trends and more, as forecasted by Mindy, check out the video above!
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