4 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Travel Long Distances

Whether you’re seeing family on the other side of the world or you’re jetting off on a dream vacation, at one point or another, you’ll probably have to take a long haul flight. Any flight over 7 hours is considered long haul, so some Americans may find themselves taking these flights two or three times a year. Long flights can result in jet lag, and can make you susceptible to illnesses and DVT, so how can you keep healthy during a long haul flight?

1. Move around a little

If you’re on a commercial flight, there aren’t many opportunities to move around, so space out your bathroom breaks and do some exercises in your seat. Those lucky enough to be in business or first class may have access to on-board bars or lounge areas, so at least you have an excuse to move around. If you really hate being stuck in your seat, consider using Stratos Jets Charters to book a private plane. You can then take a stroll whenever the pilot says it’s safe, and even switch seats if you want to.

2. Dress for comfort

While you may like to look smart for your flight, especially if you’ve upgraded your ticket, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes on a plane. You will definitely feel relieved that you chose comfort after a few hours, as tight clothing can also be dangerous when you’re on a long plane journey. Clothes that are too tight can cause deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, by restricting blood flow. Let’s face it; everyone gets a little bloated when they’re on a plane, too, so wear something with some stretch.

Keep in mind that when you sit for a long time, you may get sweaty, even in the middle of winter. Choose natural fabrics that don’t leave you itchy or give you a rash.

3. Stay hydrated and eat well

With recycled air and cabin pressure, you’re bound to feel a little dehydrated when you travel, but when the drinks trolley comes around, you should opt for non-alcoholic drinks without caffeine. This is because they can leave you feeling even more bloated and dehydrated, and it’s easy to overdo it and drink too much alcohol when you’re in the air.

Pay attention to what you eat, too. The number of calories in airline meals has been on the rise in recent years, and they’re often loaded with salt, sugar or fat, as your taste buds don’t work as well when you’re at a high altitude. It’s also easy to snack through boredom, so make sure you have a supply of healthy things to graze on during your journey.

4. Choose day flights and nap at the right times

When you choose a flight time, opt for one that’s during the day, so that you aren’t rushing to the airport at 4am or staying up until midnight to board. A combination of an off-peak flight and jet lag can leave you exhausted and ruin the start of your trip. Set your watch to your destination’s time and try to sleep if it’s nighttime there, or stay awake if it’s daytime. This can be tricky, but it means you’ll arrive already in-sync with the time zone, so you aren’t as exhausted.

Traveling on a long flight can be tiring and often leaves you feeling a little ill and disorientated. Follow these tips, and you can stay healthy on the plane, so you don’t waste any vacation time feeling under the weather.

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