8 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for College Students

College can be great experience: but it can also be a hectic mess of late night cram sessions and early morning tests. For me, my hair is the most difficult part of getting ready in the morning (especially when I’m running late!). There are a few simple hair solutions that I’ve come across and I am passing them on to you. These hairstyles are so easy! They work on anyone who is running late but I’m gearing this article towards the college student.

1. The Messy Bun: This one is super quick and it looks amazing! It only takes a minute.

2. The One Minute Ponytail: Ponytails look easy to do and perfect but it doesn’t always work out that way. This video shows you how to do a great ponytail in one minute and it looks fabulous!

3. The Faux Braid Ponytail: This one is really pretty for people with medium long hair and its super easy to do!

4. The Relaxed French Braid: This one is romantic and it only takes a few minutes. I tried it on my daughter and it looks so cute!

5. The Quick and Easy Hair Twist: This hairstyle is super cute for those days when you are really running late.

6. The Chain Braid: This looks hard to do but the instructions on this video are easy to follow and it looks great!

7. The Messy French Twist: Oh so easy to do and it looks fabulous!

8. Knotted Up-do for Short Hair: This is great for the lovely women who have short hair.

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