8 Smokin’ Hair Colors for Short Hair

Women with short hair sometimes get shafted and it’s not fair. I’ve found some fun, sexy and flirty hair colors that suit women with short hair.

Light Blue Tones:


Light blue tones give a flirty, glamorous look and because its short hair, it won’t cost as much!

Light Red Hair Color:


With this color tone, you get a fantastic look that is great in any shade.

Dreamy Green and Blues Mixed:


This mix of color gives your child at heart something to smile about. It looks like a cute pixie or fairy.

Multi-Shade Pink:


Pink shades, when they are mixed, gives you a look that is both cute and sexy at once.

Mixed Blonde Shades:


Blonde shades give off an air of sophistication as well as fun, flirty look (in the moment).

Jet Black Hair:


Jet black hair color screams trendy and modern.

Dark Purple:


This color goes best with a pixie haircut and looks amazing from all angles.

Highlights and Multi tones:


This beautiful mix of colors says stylish and will get you noticed.

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