DIY Faux Mercury Vase

Dear Marc:
I take off my rings when I wash dishes, but I am a little worried that they will fall down the drain. Do you have a trendy way to store my rings while I clean?

Dear Abbey:
There is nothing more gut wrenching than hearing the clink of your gold band hit the stainless steel of the sink as they drain into the abyss. At first, you hope that it’s just your imagination, but while taking a closer look, you realize it was indeed the very symbol of your eternal love to your spouse that is clanging down the pipes.

Now, most of us fly into a panic at the thought of loosing our wedding band. Heck, I even checked to see if I had mine on my hand as I wrote this last sentence! Therefore, this is why it’s important that we have a special place to store our rings beside the kitchen sink.

– Small glass vessel
– Krylon Looking Glass®- Mirror Like Paint
– Vinegar

Marc Atiyolil_Drab 2 Fab_Mercury Vessel_Step1

Step 1:
Spray two to three coats of Krylon Looking Glass® spray paint onto the glass vessel.

Marc Atiyolil_Drab 2 Fab_Mercury Vessel_Details

Step 2:
Before the paint is completely dry, pour or spritz vinegar onto the vessel. This will create a beautiful faux mercury look. Let dry and place the newly finished vessel beside your kitchen sink.

Marc Atiyolil_Drab 2 Fab_Mercury Vessel_Final

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