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One major factor to a good nights sleep is having the proper body alignment. Resthouse Sleep Solutions‘ body pillows work wonders with supporting that alignment. Side sleepers rejoice, there is an answer to all that shoulder, hip and body pain.

Body pillows correct the focus from an all mattress solution. A mattress is only one part of a complete sleep solution. If you can stop the collapse of your hips and shoulders, you can give your body time to rest and heal. Many have been coached to put a pillow between their legs, but without the shoulder being supported, you are still twisting and causing discomfort. This long narrow pillow runs the length of your body, supporting both the upper leg and arm throughout the night.

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  • jan 1 month ago

    biggest issue is that our bedroom requires blackout blinds – it is too light

  • rose g 1 month ago

    My neck, back and shoulders are aching for this prize!

  • Mary Boudreau 1 month ago

    Finding a comfortable position to fall asleep

  • ariel chiu 4 weeks ago

    tossing and turning!

  • Rosanne Robinson 4 weeks ago

    My biggest slip issue is getting back to sleep after a middle of the night bathroom visit.

  • Eileen 4 weeks ago

    My biggest sleep issue is not being able to sleep through the night.

  • Debbie F 4 weeks ago

    Lower back problem so I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees.

  • Linda 4 weeks ago

    My biggest sleep issue is tossing and turning at night.

  • jay nelson 4 weeks ago

    I can’t roll over without waking up. And due to an old injury it hurts to sleep on my left side.

  • Debbie Bashford 4 weeks ago

    My lower back starts to ache after a few hours then I am up

  • Lushka Smith 4 weeks ago

    My biggest issue is only getting around 5 hours of sleep a night.

  • 409cope 3 weeks ago

    My biggest sleep issue is waking up during the night for hours on end.

  • Sharron Johnston 3 weeks ago

    My biggest sleep issue is sleeping through the night. Many thanks.

  • kathy downey 3 weeks ago

    My biggest sleep issue is not getting enough sleep,restless nights!

  • Jenness M 3 weeks ago

    My biggest issue is falling asleep. Sometimes it takes hours!

  • Patsy 3 weeks ago

    Not being able to find a comfortable position.Thanks!

  • Soozle 3 weeks ago

    My biggest issue is staying asleep! Tossing and turning

  • MITCHELL GMITEREK 3 weeks ago


  • Athena 3 weeks ago

    Tossing & turning

  • Sari O. 3 weeks ago

    Back problems due to an old mattress

  • Carol Denny 3 weeks ago

    I toss and turn all night.

  • caroline m. 2 weeks ago

    My biggest issue is I like lots of blankets and a flat sheet, my husband hates flat sheets and wants a thin blanket.

  • wendy hutton 2 weeks ago

    my biggest issue is about after 4 hours of sleep I get a pain in my side and have to sit up for a bit

  • Christine S 2 weeks ago

    finding a position that doesn’t hurt my back

  • Danielle 6 days ago

    I sleep on my stomach and scrunch up my shoulders so they are always tense.

  • Elaine G 5 days ago

    I toss and turn to try and find a position that won’t bother my back.

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