Male VS Female Party Game Ideas

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The Newlywed/Couples Game

Divide your group into men and women and have each group sit facing each other. Hand one group notebooks or dry erase boards and ask the group a generic question. If you are starting with the men, you will ask them a question about their female partner, and the female partners will write down their response before the men reveal their answers. The aim for the couples playing this game is to get as many matching answers as possible, which requires them to not only know their partner well, but also how he or she thinks.

Some examples of questions to ask your couples:

  • How does your partner take his/her steak?
  • What is your partner’s least favourite show on TV?
  • How many times a month does your partner floss his/her teeth?


Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you’ll need to predetermine a list of items or alternatively, a list of tasks for your competing guests to find/complete. Set physical parameters where your guests must stay within and search, such as your house and yard, or even your neighborhood. Some good ideas for scavenger hunt items are:

  • A garden hose that’s not green.
  • An orange flower.
  • A children’s sand toy.


If you’re opting for tasks, ask your guests to take pictures of them completing each task. Some good ideas for tasks are:

  • Jump in a pool with your clothes on.
  • Find a sandbox and build a sandcastle.
  • Take a picture with someone wearing a suit.



The object of this game is to get your teammates to guess a word without using the “taboo” words to describe it. The cards are formatted as such:

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Divide your group into men against women, having the women monitor the men’s rounds to ensure they don’t use the taboo words, and visa versa.

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Battle of the Sexes

The goal of this game is to find out which sex, male or female, is more knowledgeable. With each trivia-style question the teams get correct, they move their pawns across the game board. The first team to get their pawn across the board, wins.

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