Party Etiquette: Embarrassing Photos on Social Media

MM_S03E12_Lew-Bayer_Social-Media-Etiquette-1When you have a party something you don’t always consider is the effects it can have on your social media account. Civility expert, Lew, has got a few great tips on navigating the minefield that can be social media.

What do you do if goofy or unflattering pictures are posted on social media after a party?

Lew suggests, first of all, doing nothing. Two hours later, there will be 20 other posts and people will likely have forgotten about your photo. It is also important to consider the fact that often you will have an emotional, knee-jerk reaction, which is why it is important to wait before taking action. If, in a few days, you are still upset or annoyed, Lew suggests a direct approach. Speak to the person via phone or in person and discuss the issue openly.

Is there any way to avoid this situation completely?

Be careful about who you are inviting to your party, first of all. One thing you can do is have people put their phones in what Lew calls a “drop box.” This is not an uncommon practice for weddings, where the bride and groom request that guests not post pictures and instead rely on the hired photographer. For a party, try including the hash tag “unplugged” on your invite, to indicate that personal pictures need not be taken and posted.

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