Product Trend: Natural Woven Shades


This week’s product spotlight: Natural woven shades.

Previously available in a limited selection of fiber options, like bamboo and woods, Budget Blinds’ likes of natural woven shades are now available in hemp, kenaf, jute and flax. These new fiber choices are soft, elegant, come in diverse color options and fabric blends, such as silk.


Equally as important as the way these shades look, is the way they are produced. These beautiful shades are brought to us with a farm to table approach.

What truly sets this line of natural woven shades apart from any others like it are the beautiful, vibrant Pantone-inspired colors palettes ranging from stunning blue to vibrant reds and greens.


Finally, Budget Blinds’ natural woven shade line comes in a cordless drawn shade style, so it raises and lowers effortlessly with a touch of your hand.

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