Romantic Gift Ideas

Romantic gifts don’t have to be difficult.  I find that often, the simple gifts mean more then big, expensive ones.  I know that when my husband brings me a single, handpicked flower, he put thought into it  That means more then just grabbing a dozen roses and not thinking at all about it.  It really does not have to be expensive at all!  Here is a list of some romantic gifts that you can make yourself.

A Mix Tape (cheesy but it works!)                                                        mix tape

Love Coupons (you can make them yourself or search Pintrest for free printable ones)

A flour heart trail on the lawn that of course leads to you

A jar of reasons why you love your spouse

Photo frame you decorated yourself with a picture of the two of you

A backyard dinner all dressed up with a table for two

There are so many ways to give your spouse/partner a romantic gift, as long as it comes from the heart, they will love it!

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