Taking the Fear out of Camping

Going camping can be an adventure but a lot of people are scared to give it a try. Here are 7 tips to help take some of the fear out of camping!

1. Don’t let it overwhelm you. It seems like a big thing to undertake at the start but once you get out there, camping is much easier then you think.

2. If you’re thinking of taking the kids and you’re not sure how they will handle it, try backyard camping first.

3. Pick an appropriate tent. If you’re hiking or paddling, something light and tiny will be best. If you want to take the whole family and the dog, you will want a larger tent with multiple rooms or separators. Some will even have screened in areas in the front where you can sit if bugs get bad.

4. A Gadget-Free camping trip is a great way to give the family a chance to connect but you need to be prepared when the “I’m boreds” start coming out. Portable games are a great way to encourage family fun.

5. If sleeping on the ground is not your thing, a camping cot gets you off the ground. You’ll stay warmer at night and be more comfortable.

6. If you’re not a fan of the tightened-in feel of a sleeping bag, you can purchase down comforters made specifically for camping.

7. Most provincial parks have fireboxes already set up to build your fire in. Just place a grill over top and you can use your pots and pans right over the fire. If you’re not sure what your fire setup will be, bring a portable grill for cooking.

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