Tips to Protect Your Hair During Pregnancy


It is a common misconception that the regular intake of those prenatal vitamins during pregnancy automatically means thicker, longer, and more luscious hair. The reality is oftentimes not as such. During pregnancy, the growth cycle for hair tends to halt, meaning no new hair will replace the strands that naturally fall out over the duration of your pregnancy.


Eat Well

Pregnant or not, the rule remains: you are what you eat — and this, of course, applies to your hair as well. Aim for a diet rich in milk, fruits and veggies, meat, beans and legumes, and grains.


Indulge in a Hair Massage

To strengthen your hair from the root and inhibit further hair fall, use warm oil to give your scalp regular massages. Natural oils, heated up to a warm temperature, are best for your head and your scalp. Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil are all good choices.


Avoid Coloring

It’s advisable to stay away from anything chemical-laden while you’re expecting, including hair dye, which can trigger infections and allergies. If you must dye your hair, opt for natural ways, such as henna, lemon juice, chamomile, tomato juice, black tea or coffee.



As is the case when you’re not pregnant, excessive stress can stunt the growth of your hair and even cause it to fall out more rapidly then it’s meant to. Enlist the help of activities that de-stress, such as listening to calming music, taking long baths, exercising, practicing yoga and meditation, or even shopping, if that happens to be something you enjoy.

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