Published on August 26, 2019 by videoposts
You probably use your kitchen sink on a daily basis to clean your dishes, but how often do clean the sink itself? Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Marc visits Toni Tollasepp from Insink to see his nifty gadget that help keep sinks clean.
What is Insink 4-1?
Insink was born from Toni’s own personal frustrations about not being able to wash as he worked. As he did his food prep, he was finding that dirty dishes and utensils were taking up valuable counter space. So he created a Kup, Katcher, and Kady system that holds four cups of soapy water and adheres to the side of the sink. The system can be used to wash as the user works, helping them to also conserve on water. 
To learn more about the diverse applications of Insink, check out their website.
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  • toni v 5 months ago

    this is so neat!

  • Krista M 5 months ago

    Awesome how it saves on water for less water usage & I love how they suction to the sink!

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