Published on January 15, 2020 by videoposts
If you truly love to camp, weather conditions shouldn’t stand in your way…right? On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: He Said She Said, Marc and Mandy debate summer or winter camping. To hear what Marc and Mandy have to say on the topic, check out the video above. For some family-friendly tips on winter camping, read on. 
  • Always overpack. You can never be too prepared for winter camping, in terms of clothing layers. Bring along plenty of layer-able items, such as long johns and thermal long-sleeves. And always have a spare hat and a spare set of mittens handy. Also be prepared to sleep in your boots, so that your body heat doesn’t escape from your feet. 
  • Invest in Vaseline. Covering any exposed skin (think face, ears, neck, and wrists) in Vaseline is a handy trick for preventing windburn and frostbite. 
  • Pack down any snow. Before you even think about setting up your tent, be sure to pack down the snow. This will ensure the ground beneath your tent is level and stable.
  • Don’t forget a sleeping pad. In addition to your (thick and insulated) sleeping bag, ensure you have a sleeping pad in tow. This will help to better contain your body heat at night and will add an extra barrier between you and the cold floor.
  • Boil snow. Boiling snow for drinking and cooking water is a practical alternative to chemical and mechanical water filters, which might crack or take longer to work in the cold. 
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