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Did you know that what you eat or drink after your workout can heighten, or alternatively, negate, your workout? When you work out, your body burns through things that are essential to your body, such as electrolytes, protein, and glucose, all of which affects your energy stores. If you don’t replenish these stores, post-workout, you run the risk of burning out, putting your immune system at risk, and burning less body fat in the long run.

Go-to post-workout foods tend to be foods you probably have kicking around the house anyways, such as eggs, cottage cheese, avocado, fish, and sweet potatoes. If you find yourself with not much of an appetite after your workout, liquids such as green tea and milk can also serve as nutritious energy-boosters to keep you going until your next meal. In that breadth, post workout energy drinks, when comprised of the right ingredients, will also do the trick.

Here’s one that’s easy and inexpensive to make, tastes great, and to boot: it’s good for you.

What you’ll need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Water
  • Lime Juice
  • Sea Salt
  • Honey

To make the drink, simply combine coconut oil, water, lime juice, and sea salt in a container or pitcher. Coconut oil is an excellent way to hydrate, and sea salt helps to balance your electrolytes. Lime, or citrus in general, can help to decrease inflammation in your body, and it’s also beneficial for your circulation. Don’t forget to add in some honey, which is a healthy way to sweeten the drink, sans refined sugars. Honey is also an excellent and natural energy booster.

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Written by Marc & Mandy


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