Published on March 13, 2020 by Marc & Mandy

Michelle Mawby visits Zenlia to see their customizable semi-circular sofa.



  • angela eagle 1 month ago

    I wish I had the room for a circular sofa

  • Sandra J Lebeau 1 month ago

    I love them but it’s a space thing

  • wendy hutton 1 month ago

    love that sofa

  • Catherine Cole 4 weeks ago

    I do not like the circular sofa as it just takes up to much room in a living room

  • Linda Webster 4 weeks ago

    I’ve never considered a circular sofa before but I love the idea now.

  • Richard Lundgren 3 weeks ago

    I love this design. Perfect

  • Nancy Giese 3 weeks ago

    A special room can accommodate a circular sofa

  • Sharon 3 days ago

    That sofa and ottoman are stunning, but only a dream for me.

  • Marina Bird 2 days ago

    Love the white circular sofa I don’t have the room in my living room for this set.

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