Published on September 19, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

As a mom you may be wondering how to get your figure back after undergoing the changes that come with pregnancy. Alex Paton of Shock Performance demonstrates some tush tightening exercises that can be done in the morning and evening to help.

It’s a tale as old as time for new moms far and wide: how do you get your figure back, after having kids? Good news, you can, so long as you can dedicate a few minutes in the morning, during the kids’ nap time, or in the evening, right after you’ve put your little ones to bed. Here’s how.


This is not your grandmother’s squat! In fact, it’s been specially formulated to get the most motion from your tush as possible. To perform this exercise, keep the core super tight, squat down, and hold. Then, as you lift up, bring one knee up, crushing your abdominals in the process. While you are bringing the knee of one leg up, push the opposite foot into the floor for maximal leverage.


Lunges are a pretty straight forward exercise: keeping your body (including your head) straight, step forward with one foot, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle. For a heightened workout, bounce when you’re at the bottom of you lunge, and be sure to pull yourself back up nice and slow.

Standing Kickbacks

Again, begin this exercise by keeping the core as tight as you can, slowly push one leg back, extending it as far as you can without pain, and squeezing your gluten in the process. Then return your leg to resting position, before extending it back for another rep. 


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