Weird (But Worthy) Scholarship Opportunities You Might Qualify For


Have you ever heard a scholarship described as “quirky”? If not, perhaps you haven’t been digging quite deep enough for those evasive bursary and grant opportunities. We’ve rounded up three weird ones that, who knows, you or someone in your life just may qualify for.


Stuck At Prom

No, your mom isn’t making you take your younger cousin to prom. The makers of this scholarship just really want you to get creative with something perhaps more sticky than even a forced dated with a relative: duct tape. What it takes to qualify for this opportunity: create and wear a duct tape creation to your prom, take pictures, and submit. You could stand to win one of five cash prizes, up to $10,000.00.

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TCI Scholarship Award

Regardless of whether you hated or loved being the tallest in your high school homeroom, you’re going to love being tall when you hear about this next scholarship. The Tall Clubs International Program offers this scholarship to the height-iest amongst us, offering up to $1,000.00 to multiple almost-grads. If you are above average tallness, and over the age of 21, rejoice, because your height is literally paying off.

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Star Trek Fan Club Scholarship

Eligibility includes: entrance to a community college, a four-year college or university program, a junior colleges, graduate school, or most technical schools, and at least one year of Starfleet Membership.

Click here to read more about this scholarship opportunity (or sign up to be a Starfleet member).

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