Your Guide to the Pardon Process

Do you have a criminal record? If you have trouble finding employment due to charges on your record, you may want to look into a pardon. Here is the guide you need to the pardoning process. Find out if you’re eligible and what to expect.

Pardon Eligibility

Criminal records are obstacles when it comes to employment. Normally, it’s problems with employment that lead to people seeking out a pardon from the government. So, how do you know if you’re eligible for Canada pardons? There are a lot of factors that rule into whether you are eligible for a pardon or for continuing forward with the process. Here are some of the factors and criteria that the courts will look at to determine your case:

  • How long ago the charge took place
  • Where the charge took place
  • The severity of your charge

The best way to know if you should be eligible for a pardon is to speak with a lawyer about your options. Lawyers will usually consult you free of charge about your pardon case.

Pardon Timeframe

The average time that it takes to receive a pardon is six to 12 months. The timeframe includes the beginning of the application process until the end. Now, there is no guaranteed timeframe. You may find that some timeframes are shorter, whereas others are going to be longer. Some courthouses or stations are going to make it more difficult for you to get the information that you need. Remember to stay patient and continue through to the end of the process.

Pardon Costs

If you want to prepare a pardon application, the cost is about 795 dollars. The cost will include the fingerprinting, court documents and other services. To go through the pardoning process is expensive, it’s important that you budget and save for it. In fact, you’ll be advised to try to save up around 1500 dollars from start to finish. Here are some of the other costs that you might have to cover:

  • A fee to the parole board
  • A fee to the local police
  • A fee to fingerprinting services

When it comes to costs, pardons are expensive, but they can also be worth it. You have to be prepared to spend the time and money on the process to see it through to completion. While the process can be time and cost consuming, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. In fact, receiving a pardon can change your life entirely. It opens up different opportunities, particularly in terms of employment.

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