12 Creative Travel Hacks

There are a lot of people who love traveling; but traveling can be so frustrating! We found twelve fantastic travel hacks you’ll want to know about before your next trip!

#1. When booking flights and hotels online, enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.



#2. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and to reduce static.


#3. To reduce wrinkling in folded clothes, use tissue paper.



#4. Pill containers make great organizers for jewelry.



#5. A pot holder makes a heat-safe case for your hair tools.



#6. Rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing.



#7. Empties are your friend
Save money on expensive mineral water by carrying an empty water bottle and filling it with tap water before boarding. (You can’t take a full water bottle through security but you can fill it up once you are waiting at your boarding gate.)



#8. Use an old sunglasses case to store loose cables when you travel.



#9. Contact cases make for a great place to store liquid makeup. Just be sure to mark it as such and not to use them for anything else.



#10. Safely pack your razor with a binder clip.


#11. Store necklaces in a straw to keep them from getting tangled in your suitcase.


#12. Use a button to keep earrings together while traveling.



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