5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing systems in most homes do their job quietly, making many people underrate their importance. However, plumbing problems are, at some point, inexorable. When these problems do occur, homeowners are left most often frustrated.

Simple methods can resolve some of these problems, yet complications arise. In other instances, they require the services of a professional plumber. You need to be well informed about these plumbing issues to pinpoint the underlying concern quickly. Read on. We will highlight some of the fundamental plumbing problems plaguing homeowners.

Clogged Drains

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A common problem encountered by individuals is clogged drains. This issue affects mainly sinks and toilets. These clogs comprise materials that are bound together in a way that they restrict the flow of water. Pipes also get clogged when sticky substances accumulate inside them.

Information about preventing clogging in pipes could prevent you from encountering such problems. It’s also best to enlist the services of a qualified plumber for unclogging.

Dripping Faucets

A dilemma confronting a multitude of homeowners has to do with dripping faucets. It’s such a common problem that most families often experience. You hear a drip, not knowing from where it occurs. With each drop, you know that your money in terms of water bills is heading down the drain.

Other reasons that could cause this drip problem include not turning the faucet off completely. With the right tools, fixing this problem by yourself isn’t that difficult. Replacing the faucet may also be paramount.

Running Toilets

In most cases, a running toilet is as a result of the flush valve not fully closing, or the tank ball is sticking. Running toilets are a severe issue since hundreds of gallons of water may be wasted daily. If your water bills are increasing, you should check for silent leaks in the toilet.

Fixing running toilets, however, is relatively straightforward. With a toilet repair kit, you can get the job done.

Blocked Waste Disposal

Most households notice this problem when the garbage disposal jams and is overflowing. Disposing of certain foods such as potato peels, fibrous food, or even rice husks can be problematic. Rather than calling a plumber for repairs, first check out what is causing the problem.

You could also hit the reset button and check what happens. If it fails to work, you can open it up, but you need to be careful.

Leaking Pipe Joints

In case of low water pressure in pipes, leaking pipes could be the issue. Leaks in most pipes occur at joints. These pipe joints tend to degrade as time passes. Fluctuating water pressure can also affect pipe joints, especially during winter.

Temporary solutions involve the use of adhesive tape or a filler. However, these solutions won’t last for long. A possible solution is seeking a technician to install new joints.

The above problems are in no way exhaustive. They are the common plumbing problems faced by major households. You could attempt solving them by yourself, but if unsure, please seek the help of a plumber.

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