Canada D’Eh Contest

Hey you! You may not live in an igloo or ride a dogsled to work.

You may not play hockey or say “EH?” in every sentence.

Your poutine consumption may be infrequent and your maple syrup use may be minimal.

But we know you’re a proud Canadian and that’s why we want to help you celebrate in style for Canada 150 and all summer long! We’d love for you to make this Canada Day Care Package a part of your parties and use the hashtag #GotItAtSears!

Canada D’Eh Festive prize pack containing:

  • Two Canada 150 Stainless Steel Water Bottles
  • Kitschy Retro Metal Cooler
  • Two adult folding chairs
  • Two kids’ hats
  • Four beautiful beach towels
  • Two ceramic mugs
  • Two canvas tote bags
  • Canada-themed apron and two oven mitts
  • Frisbee
  • Beach ball.

The total value of the Canada D’Eh Care Package is over $320.

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  • Grace S. 2 years ago

    Having company from out of town

  • Rita Jackson 2 years ago

    I will be at the National Park of PEI, Beach Day!

  • Mary Ann D 2 years ago

    I am planning to go watch the local parade, then will be watching the Canada Day goings on around the Country (on TV).

  • Sarah Robertson 2 years ago

    I’m going to be spending Canada Day working in my garden, then going to a BBQ

  • Wayne Morrison 2 years ago

    Beer and home deck with friemds.

  • Ming K 2 years ago

    My family’s having our annual BBQ by the beach

  • AllanCox 2 years ago

    Spending Canada Day with watching a parade, picnic in the park and watching fireworks after dark!

  • Sandra Furlotte 2 years ago

    I am celebrating the arrival of my grandson.

  • Rose Hately 2 years ago

    We’ll be going to the Canada Day celebration at the local museum in our town.

  • Darlene Schuller 2 years ago

    We are attending local events around our town! Looking forward to a bbq w/friends and family and fireworks!

  • Brenda Lassen 2 years ago

    We are spending the day on our pontoon boat.

  • Joni 2 years ago

    I think I’m spending Canada Day with my family, eat and bleed red and white, and maybe go into town to join in with them

  • Cathy Canton 2 years ago

    I’m hanging out in the nation’s capital on Canada Day!

  • Shannon 2 years ago

    I’m going to spend Canada Day travelling around to several local events and taking photos to post for friends and family.

  • Linda Richter 2 years ago

    A community pancake breakfast, watch the parade. attend a bbq then watch the fireworks to finish what should be a darn good Canada day!

  • Carole D 2 years ago

    We will be attending a multicultural event hosted by our city and fireworks!

  • Shirley OFlynn 2 years ago

    We are celebrating Canada Day in Niagara Falls and are looking forward to the spectacular fireworks display.

  • Gemma 2 years ago

    Neighbourhood party!

  • Marlene V. 2 years ago

    We are going camping!!

  • Serena Debolt 2 years ago

    We are spending Canada Day on the ocean near the Sunshine Coast – Happy Canada Day everyone!

  • KellyPC 2 years ago

    We’re having a picnic & watching fireworks!

  • Dianne G. 2 years ago

    We are having a BBQ and watching the evening fireworks.

  • Linda 2 years ago

    I’m going down to the Legislature lawns and listen to the entertainment, then watch the fireworks at night.

  • Christine S. 2 years ago

    Spending time with family!

  • Brian Wall 2 years ago

    I am celebrating Canada’s 150th by heading down to Parliament Hill

  • Ryan B 2 years ago

    I will be going to the local events, take in the fireworks show!

  • Tammi L. 2 years ago

    Victoria is having lots of entertainment and we plan to enjoy it! We will finish off the night with the fire works display.

  • Elizabeth Nicholson 2 years ago

    Spending it with family.

  • Andre 2 years ago

    I’ll be taking a nap

  • Doris Calvert 2 years ago

    We are celebrating in Jasper, AB they pit on a great weekend every year

  • Lynda Cook 2 years ago

    We are celebrating by going to a party, and then having a BBQ and later on watching Fireworks and having a fire!

  • Treena C 2 years ago

    My family will be fishing and celebrating my sons Birthday who was born on Canada day! 🙂

  • Sharmen 2 years ago

    Looking forward to spending the day with family and friends with BBQ. Dessert will be bacon maple tarts. I would love the Canada prize pack – it would definitely showcase my family’s Canadian pride all year long!

  • Julie F 2 years ago

    We will be going to see the tall ships then have a family BBQ!

  • Carolyn Belair 2 years ago

    I will be celebrating with the residents at the Highland Manor in Neils Harbour. A fun day is planned for all ages. Food, games, prizes, music and fireworks.

  • Jocelyne Richard 2 years ago

    Super pratique!

  • mohammad anjum 2 years ago


  • JoAnne Welton 2 years ago

    Love the diy Canada day ideas

  • Faye 2 years ago

    Celebrating in our small town! And trying to keep our dog calm when the fireworks start!

  • Catherine Burke 2 years ago

    We will be going to celebrate at the big party arranged in the park right next door – cannot refuse right?
    Happy Canada Day.

  • Rose Sherry 2 years ago

    We are celebrating with a barbeque and then going to watch fireworks later in the evening.

  • Johnny Wong 2 years ago

    Spending time with my family.

  • Mary Boudreau 2 years ago

    Te family is getting together for a BBQ

  • Paula R 2 years ago

    a family, bbq, Canada day celebrations and fireworks!

  • Sarah De Diego 2 years ago

    We spend every Canada Day with 50 of our friends playing frisbee, swimming, eating, laughing, fireworks and a campfire. I can’t wait!

    Besos Sarah.

  • diana shenderovich 2 years ago

    i`m going to a Canada trip

  • Christina Belliveau 2 years ago

    Canada Day will be spent outside (weather permitting) going to various local events and enjoying a family BBQ

  • Linda 2 years ago

    The family are going to go the local park for a picnic and fireworks.

  • Joanne Elford 2 years ago

    Going to watch a small town parade and fireworks.

  • Sandra Tuplin 2 years ago

    We’ re going to the lake to enjoy the day and the fireworks at night.

  • Linda H 2 years ago

    I will be at work all day but hopefully able to watch the fireworks in the evening.

  • Carol Thompson 2 years ago

    Guess I should figure it out soon eh?

  • bettyanne 2 years ago

    Going camping but will watch the fireworks at 11:00 PM!

  • Carol W. 2 years ago

    Getting together with family.

  • Erika Letson 2 years ago

    We are doing a family bbq in the backyard and then going to see fireworks!

  • Lara Maynard 2 years ago

    BBQ, fireworks

  • Marlene J 2 years ago

    Will be celebrating with a bar-b-q with friends/family & doing some local events around the city.

  • Bridget 2 years ago

    Enjoying good food, friends, family and fireworks.

  • Vicki Murray 2 years ago

    I will be at our local park during their festivities and watching the fireworks at night

  • Wendy Nicholls 2 years ago

    Taking the kids to the beach

  • Sally Holland 2 years ago

    Celebrating with others worldwide #TOVC2017

  • Candice Youngdale 2 years ago

    Happy Canada Day ! Can’t wait for the family BBQ

  • ariel c 2 years ago

    having a BBQ with our friends

  • Katie C 2 years ago

    Watching fireworks at the lake!!

  • KittyPride 2 years ago

    We will be outside enjoying the sunshine and a barbecue, fireworks in the evening.

  • leeanne c 2 years ago

    Spending time with friends and then enjoying the celebrations downtown

  • Giselle D 2 years ago

    Hopefully enjoying beautiful weather with family.

  • Maureen Nolan 2 years ago

    This year we are travelling from Toronto to Quebec City to celebrate Canada’s 150!

  • Piroska 2 years ago

    We’ll be going to our camp at the lake. Fishing and some well-deserved R&R.

  • Mary Anne LaRocque-Ouamar 2 years ago

    Am working a 12 hour shift, as coworker forgot to book off for his sons baseball tourney. My Dad will be home alone, so hopefully stop by with a resident I work with and bring him a plate of food n treats.

  • Sarah Forrester 2 years ago

    I’m staying home, it’s supposed to be raining. It’s also my birthday so I’ll be at home with my hubby eating cake and drinking.

  • Nicole Jubleew 2 years ago

    We’re having a friends and family bbq and then going downtown to watch the fireworks.

  • Diana Lyn 2 years ago

    Enjoying Toronto.s celebrations!

  • Fanterra Fisher 2 years ago

    Attending the Season home opener for the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL game

  • Chrs 2 years ago

    spending the day with family having a bbq

  • ginette4 2 years ago

    Celebrating with the family…our daughter is celebrating her birthday..she shares her birthday with’s always a celebration at our house..cake, fireworks and plenty of food!

  • ivy pluchinsky 2 years ago

    We will be attending our local towns celebrations, the fireworks, the parade and the rides!

  • S. Jackson 2 years ago

    I will be celebrating with family have a barbecue and then watching the fireworks together!

  • sara rai 2 years ago

    fireworks and spending time with family.

  • Rhonda W G. 2 years ago

    A country drive to enjoy this beautiful land with my husband and dogs!!! Fireworks…

  • MARGARET TRAMBLE 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, I am not doing anything except being thankful I am a Canadian.

  • Jenna D 2 years ago

    We’re packing a Canada Day picnic, checking out some local events and going for a hike!

  • Siobhan 2 years ago

    Visiting with family, and a bbq!!

  • Sharron 2 years ago


  • Lori W 2 years ago

    Im going to local events in my city. festivities, concerts, fireworks

  • donna height 2 years ago

    We plan on having a potluck at our cottage with friends and family followed by drinks and fire and a awesome display of fireworks #Canada150th

  • therese murphy 2 years ago

    I will be working .

  • em 2 years ago

    we’re going to the jays game then have a bbq and watch the fireworks

  • Cheri Gallant 2 years ago

    Spend it at the cottage with my family and friends.

  • joyce s. 2 years ago

    We will be watching fireworks.

  • Barbara Hall 2 years ago

    Watching the Canada Day parade and later the fireworks. Beer can chicken sandwiched in between.

  • lynn clayton 2 years ago

    bbq the a swim in the lake then fireworks

  • Joy 2 years ago

    Big family BBQ feast

  • nicolthepickle 2 years ago

    We’re hoping to have a special dinner.

  • Julie-Lynne McCann 2 years ago

    celebrating with friends BBQ, music, fun & laughter …some card games!

  • Lushka Smith 2 years ago

    Going to a BBQ and seeing some fireworks.

  • Holly MacRitchie 2 years ago

    My sister is hosting a backyard pool party and BBQ! I will be going with my one year old daughter!

  • Kathleen Fowler 2 years ago

    Will be going to the concert in the park then watching the firworks

  • Wendy hutton 2 years ago

    we will be going to the towns pancake breaky, then the parade and checking out venues then at night watching the fireworks

  • DebP 2 years ago

    We plan to go out to lunch,then for a drive, then to see the fireworks.

  • wobbles13 2 years ago

    community events celebrating canada day!

  • Lori Harold 2 years ago

    Spending Canada Day at one of the bigger parks in the area. Lots of bands will be playing. Had the opportunity to be in Ottawa for Canada’s 149th.

  • LILLIAN BROWN 2 years ago

    We hope to attend a parade in a nearby town

  • dave 2 years ago

    hanging out with my family

  • lisa penney 2 years ago

    looking forward to the fireworks when i’m done work!

  • Mary 2 years ago

    I’ll be hosting a BBQ this Canada day but it might get a little rained on

  • Marra 2 years ago

    I’ll be watching fireworks!

  • Jenny Major 2 years ago

    Having a BBQ/pool party

  • Ken Wolfe 2 years ago

    Nice prize package that will remind us of Canada Day all year!

  • Lisa H 2 years ago

    I’m going to Canada Day festivities at a park near our house and watching the fireworks in the evening.

  • Toby 2 years ago

    We’re taking in the Canada street festival!

  • Helene Keuker 2 years ago

    I’ll be working but there’s plenty of time for a BBQ with friends and hopefully an evening swim

  • Jennifer Lo 2 years ago


  • HEIDI C. 2 years ago

    We are having a family BBQ.

  • Mary Lou MacKenzie 2 years ago

    Plans changed…husband injured back…will be staying home & hosting family here for a nice Canada Day dinner.

  • Eileen Ong 2 years ago

    Going to the beach.

  • Julie bolduc 2 years ago

    Well depends on the weather maybe a movie or might go to the local park they are ha ing a party

  • Angela Mitchell 2 years ago

    We’re having a BBQ with family and then we’re going away to Vancouver for the rest of the weekend to go to a concert.

  • DebH 2 years ago

    I am working, but hope to enjoy a nice BBQ dinner with my family

  • Shirley S 2 years ago

    I will be celebrating Canada’s 150th by going to a BBQ and watching fireworks at night.

  • Heather Ritz 2 years ago

    Steveston Salmon Festival and fireworks

  • Kimberley Graham 2 years ago

    Spending Canada Day with some great friends.Good food and some cocktails to celebrate Canada’s B-day.. 🙂 🙂

  • Jeannie 2 years ago

    I’m planning on spending it with family and friends.

  • Lynn M 2 years ago

    Family reunion and lots of food.

  • Yong C 2 years ago

    watching fireworks!

  • Yanhua T. 2 years ago

    Family BBQ

  • Soozle 2 years ago

    I will be working during the day today (boo!) but will spend the night celebrating the big 150 with a family dinner !

  • sonia p. 2 years ago

    Bbq party we are hosting with a couple of friends.

  • Brad Kinchen 2 years ago

    A bonfire at friends’ place.

  • Laila I 2 years ago

    I am up north and we are doing fireworks and baking today! Happy Birthday, Canada!

  • LisaM 2 years ago

    We’re having a barbecue with friends

  • Julia 2 years ago

    I am going to the fireworks tonight here in Saskatoon! Thanks for the chance!

  • Juliee Fitze 2 years ago

    We are having a BBQ and fireworks at my cousins cottage.

  • Samantha S 2 years ago

    I’ll be going to the beach and watching the fireworks =)

  • Nicole J 2 years ago

    Going to a Canada Day festival with family.

  • Janet M 2 years ago

    We will have a family BBQ and go to festivities.

  • Alison Braidwood 2 years ago


  • Steven Finnamore 2 years ago

    I’m going to watch the hockey free agent show on TSN.

  • Lorna webster 2 years ago

    I’m staying home and snuggling with my wonderful hubby to celebrate being together in this beautiful country!

  • dal 2 years ago


  • Jessica W 2 years ago

    I’m going to watch fireworks with my boyfriend later to celebrate!

  • Erika R. 2 years ago

    Enjoying the beautiful weather with family & friends!!

  • michelle matta 2 years ago

    Hoping its not too late to hit something. had stomach issues today so so far nothing.. but maybe a bbq and a walk by the lake with the dog before fireworks

  • Donnas 2 years ago

    A barbecue now that the rain has stopped, and try to get to see the fireworks.

  • Margaret H 2 years ago

    We are having a bid=g family picnic later on

  • Wanda Macsween 2 years ago

    Spending time with family!

  • Catherine Robichaud 2 years ago

    Spending time with family and friends at a BBQ and pool party!

  • Maritess 2 years ago

    Partying with family neighbours in our community’s street party.

  • tracy k 2 years ago

    having a bbq and watching fireworks

  • Sara Lima 2 years ago

    Here in BC, it’s almost over! 🙁 We saw a very dear friend for a BBQ, and my fiance decided to take advantage of some great sales at Cabela’s to get GREAT fishing gear at a great deal, so he can fish all summer. Soon, we’ll be meeting friends for a late, light dinner and some cool drinks on a patio. #GotItAtSears!

  • Gina Fleury 2 years ago

    Celebrating with a canadian themed brunch with the family and catching firework.

  • Cheryl Germain 2 years ago

    I enjoyed a BBQ with my family #GotItAtSears!

  • Ed Scovoranski 2 years ago

    bbq and eat

  • Betty S 2 years ago

    We are celebrating with a big family BBQ with lots of Red and White

  • Cathy Arbeau 2 years ago

    Fireworks extravaganza. I’m going to fireworks east of Edmonton at 10 and then the big ones at 11. I have my favourite spots year after year.

  • David Passmore 2 years ago

    Nice goodies

  • Leslie W-H 2 years ago

    The classic backyard BBQ and pool party with family and friends!

  • Dana 2 years ago

    Chillin an Grillin 🙂

  • SUMMER PLEWES 2 years ago

    We are in Ottawa so we went to the hill. It was so packed that the lines were 5 hours long to get through security.

  • laurel jones 2 years ago

    we had a great day visiting with friends and family at home

  • Katrina 2 years ago

    We were in a parade and went to a BBQ

  • John Soltis 2 years ago


  • Monica Petzoldt 2 years ago

    Celebrating on the porch, watching the fireworks.

  • Alana LeSueur 2 years ago

    We went to a local community parade, had a typical smoky dog dinner, and watched the local fireworks display

  • ANNA NGO 2 years ago

    I’ve just moved in my new condo – my own condo. So much work to do so but I didn’t miss the chance to watch fireworks on…TV !

  • Dave S 2 years ago

    I am spending the day coaching my son’s Little League Baseball team in a tournament and then a family bbq in the evening.

  • Debbie White Beattie 2 years ago

    I had a BBQ for my friends and family and at night we did some fireworks

  • Diane Wilford 2 years ago

    Stayed home with my husband.

  • Karine 2 years ago

    Had a bbq at my friend’s and then went to another party.

  • Sherry K 2 years ago

    We are visiting the Newmarket festivities and going to the fireworks, too.

  • Carol A. 2 years ago

    Relaxing and bbq parties with family & friends. Swimming and watching fireworks.

  • Florence Cochrane 2 years ago

    Watched the celebrations on TV from Ottawa , had a family dinner and took in the fireworks.

  • Amy Richard 2 years ago

    eating poutine!

  • Patricia Rosart 2 years ago

    Went up to the town of St.Jacobs to do some shopping.

  • Deborah P. 2 years ago

    The best made plans go awry..We had our traditional July 1st BBQ in the yard with family which we enjoyed , sadly our marshmallow roast finish was not to be. Sometime in the weeks leading up to our big holiday a fire pit ban was quietly put into place… And here we were so careful with our garden hose on the ready ,a tiny fire and civic minded with our music on the low to find this.Sniffle* Our evening plan was to head out to see city fireworks display but due to someone tossing around daytime firecrackers we stayed home to calm our pups. Glad there were plenty festivities on tv to watch , I could keep sound off and we were all happy. All in All a pretty good time had by all. Except for the fire pit wah

  • Mervin s 2 years ago

    Canada Day in the park

  • Elizabeth Vlug 2 years ago

    We spent Canada Day right here in our little town, they put on a wonderful Waterfront festival.

  • Lisa English 2 years ago

    backyard BBQ

  • Tanyab79 2 years ago

    Had family from out of town visit. We were going to participate and the cities activities but the weather changed our plans.

  • Joan 2 years ago

    Enjoying our backyard entertaining friends

  • Sarahjferg 2 years ago

    We went to Diefenbaker Park then watched fireworks.

  • Sylvia 2 years ago

    Planning to have a picnic at the park and then check out the fireworks in downtown Toronto

  • Gillian Morgan 2 years ago

    We had a BBQ and fireworks.`

  • Catherine Kelly-Brown 2 years ago

    Our Canada Day weekend includes gardening, visiting the big rubber duck in Toronto and spending time with family.

  • Jan Wylie 2 years ago

    Just spending time relaxing with family,

  • Vicki Hill 2 years ago

    Bbq with wonderful friends

  • Rhonda Struthers 2 years ago

    Celebrated with friends. Great company, food and fireworks.

  • Barry Kazimer 2 years ago


  • Janice Cournoyer 2 years ago

    We will be taking in the huge festivities at The Forks Winnipeg. Upp earlyu to participate in the Living Flg/Maple leaf for Canada 150 Then BBQ with friends and family.

  • rose g 2 years ago

    Will be baking my homemade butter tarts made with real Canadian syrup.

  • Patsy 2 years ago

    Brought a big “CANADA 150” flag to the family BBQ.Thanks!

  • Gary Barclay 2 years ago

    Hiking in the woods with a friend for forest therapy.

  • Catherine Brown 2 years ago

    BBquing in the backyard with family.

  • Narinder Chana 2 years ago

    We will be visiting a few National Parks.

  • Bev Sayers 2 years ago

    Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my sis and brother in law ‘s party! and Happy Canada Day!

  • Laurel Keating 2 years ago

    went on a little ferry to my friends and hung out the little town had fireworks and a live band.. early bed and early arise to do some fishing on arrow lakes

  • Doris Humber 2 years ago

    Celebrating with friends….BBQ, pool time, and beverages.

  • Debbie Petch 2 years ago

    We are having a huge family reunion!!!

  • MME 2 years ago

    Parades, family, fireworks…oh, my!

  • kathy downey 2 years ago

    We had a family bbq and went to the fireworks

  • Mary 2 years ago

    I celebrated with friends and family in Ottawa.

  • Connie Bocsik 2 years ago

    Spending the day with my family!

  • Linda Svarovsky 2 years ago

    We had a bbq

  • John G 2 years ago

    We went glamping in Muskoka!

  • Debbie Bashford 2 years ago

    we had a BBQ

  • laura 2 years ago

    watching fireworkds

  • Sophie Hughes 2 years ago

    Spending the day at Halifax Commons.

  • Pamela Fontaine 2 years ago

    Working 🙁

  • Linda 2 years ago

    spending time with the family

  • Ruth Kazimer 2 years ago


  • Deborah C 2 years ago

    watching the fireworks

  • anne 2 years ago

    I started the grama games for my grandchildren, we had a lot of fun

  • anne 2 years ago

    play date with grandchildren

  • Caryn Coates 2 years ago

    We watched fireworks and had a bbq

  • Michael 2 years ago

    I had to work, but made up for it on July 2nd and 3rd 🙂

  • Linda C 2 years ago

    Family dinner & local fireworks

  • Susan J. 2 years ago

    Attended the jazz festival

  • Silvia D 2 years ago

    BBQing and fireworks!

  • Jen L 2 years ago

    I stayed home and enjoyed the yard on a few days off.

  • Catherine Maguire 2 years ago

    Having a BBQ and watching fireworks.

  • PAUL volker 2 years ago

    fishing and camping

  • Denise M 2 years ago

    I’m in Ottawa this year

  • Mallory D 2 years ago

    Sadly, not really doing any celebrating this year 🙁

  • Steve Bobula 2 years ago

    We had a PARTY to Celebrate #Canada150 and it was a Blast .

  • Renee 2 years ago

    Went downtown Ottawa, fireworks later

  • john 2 years ago

    watching a parade and watching fireworks

  • Joan LeVasseur 2 years ago

    Watched the Show and fireworks from Ottawa on TV and the fireworks at the park down the street in my hometown.

  • DebH 2 years ago

    Canada Day parade, a hike and dinner with family!

  • Gayle E 2 years ago

    Got a slurpee. Watched a baseball game and then watched a football game.

  • debra 2 years ago

    taking in the outdoor stages

  • Paula D 2 years ago

    Watching the fireworks!

  • Arti 2 years ago

    Gardening and fireworks!

  • Lisa S 2 years ago

    I was working but enjoyed great, friendly customers all day!

  • Jayne Cameron 2 years ago

    Visiting a Canada Day Celebration at the park with family

  • Judy 2 years ago

    Our Canada Day Celebration 🎉 is this wkd as part of our family reunion in our near by park.
    Lots of people, games & food food food!! Lots of Red & White too!

  • Kim K 2 years ago

    We had a barbecue with friends and watched fireworks

  • Ameirah Taha 2 years ago

    Playing outside at park at friends & fireworks

  • Stanley C 2 years ago

    watching the amazing fireworks

  • Jessica eapen 2 years ago

    I went to a local fireworks display.

  • Stephanie LaPlante 2 years ago

    I spent Canada Day at a party downtown. So much fun.

  • Cecilia (HappyChinadoll) 2 years ago

    We went to see the fire works

  • Suzanne G 2 years ago

    We are having company and will have a bbq and then sit around the fire.

  • france drolet 2 years ago

    Me and my lover went on Plaines d’Abraham in Quebec city watch the show for the 1st July

  • Brenda Penton 2 years ago

    BBQ and fireworks

  • Krista M 2 years ago

    We celebrated Canada’s 150th camping & boating with family. We had a bbq dinner, a fire, wore Canada apparel & had Canada Day glowsticks!

  • Carolle H 2 years ago

    We went to celebration in are town in the rain all day , was a lot of fun 😉

  • debbie s 2 years ago

    spending the day with family in out Canadian attire!

  • caroline m. 2 years ago

    my husband and I had a nice time at the lake with our kids

  • JoKing 2 years ago

    It was raining so it was a relaxing take it easy kinda day.

  • Debbie F 2 years ago

    We had family visiting from the coast so it was a weekend of BBQs and floating on the Kettle River.

  • Surso S. 2 years ago

    we had a bbq

  • Erin McSweeney 2 years ago

    outdoors with family and friends…watching fireworks and celebrating

  • Linda C 2 years ago

    Family dinner celebration and local fire works. #GotItAtSears!

  • Christine D 2 years ago

    Sauble Beach camping, lots of outdoor fun, fireworks on the beach!

  • Melissa Black 2 years ago

    we went camping and to Coombs which is such a fun place

  • Kim Stenner 2 years ago

    Taking a trip to the Yukon this summer

  • Maria 2 years ago

    We had wonderful BBQ with family and fireworks as well

  • Sunshine G 2 years ago

    We went to a wedding reception.

  • Tara Betterley 2 years ago

    We went to our trailer and took in the festivities that they held there.

  • lori butler 2 years ago

    a bbq at home and watching fireworks

  • Lucy 2 years ago

    Fireworks and BBQ!

  • Tracy Saddul 2 years ago

    Fireworks and some sale shoppi g

  • Andrea 2 years ago

    We had a BBQ with friends and family and then watched fireworks!

  • crystal porter 2 years ago

    We went to a wedding and stayed in Cabins for the weekend.

  • Jenness M 2 years ago

    We had friends at the cabin for a bbq and fireworks.

  • 409cope 2 years ago

    We took our little grandson to a parade!

  • Michelle K 2 years ago

    We had a backyard BBQ

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard 2 years ago

    we went camping at Bird’s Hill Provincial Park. MB

  • Sandy Trojansek 2 years ago

    BBQ and fireworks!

  • sandra 2 years ago

    we are going to the fireworks

  • Mike Flaman 2 years ago

    Attending fireworks at our local park with my family and kids

  • Jonnie 2 years ago

    We went to our town celebration and then headed on a road trip through Japer National Park

  • Robyn Bellefleur 2 years ago

    We went camping with friends and lit off some fireworks!

  • Yuen C 2 years ago

    I watched fireworks!

  • Carey Hurst 2 years ago

    had a family BBQ and were at the parade till the horrible storm hit , hail and lightening

  • Alexandra Stewart 2 years ago

    I spent the day relaxing at home.

  • Lauraleigh 2 years ago

    We go to a small town named Linden, which puts on a wonderful parade and festival and firecracker show! The kids love it. Also to celebrate 150, the Barenaked Ladies played free in Toronto so I enjoyed that with one of my best girlfriends 🙂

  • Paula B 2 years ago

    Going camping!

  • Rebecca Roberts 2 years ago

    I spent Canada Day with my friend watching the fireworks!

  • Jennifer L. 2 years ago

    We attended a local celebration for fireworks.

  • josee carpentier 2 years ago

    Celebration with my family to see fireworks

  • Aarone Mawdsley 2 years ago

    dancing to the fireworks

  • Carol Denny 2 years ago

    Spending Canada day at the family cottage

  • Wendy Jensen 2 years ago

    To celebrate Canada 150 I am trying to see more of our country.

  • Ivy T 2 years ago

    Enjoying all the Canada 150 festivities.

  • Kristopher Slezak 2 years ago

    Spending every waking minute enjoying life with my family

  • Carole 2 years ago

    I celebrated with friends

  • Kris Coghlan 2 years ago

    Would use the cups when camping out in the bush – they are so cheerful looking.

  • adam 2 years ago

    fireworks and a BBQ at our place

  • Anne Clemmer 2 years ago

    Visiting National Parks.

  • Robert Robinson 2 years ago

    Enjoying time with Family!

  • Doug Gordon 2 years ago

    Discovering new places in Canada with family on day trips as well as during our summer vacations! So much to see in do in our beautiful country! #Canada150

  • Nat 2 years ago

    I celebrated Canada 150 with my amazing parents, brothers, cousins and nephews in Kitchener. We went to the farmers market and went on a beautiful picnic at the park.

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