DIY Tree Branch Patio Decor

Dear Marc:
My hubby trimmed our old oak tree in our front yard and we are left with a bunch of tree branches. I’ve seen branches repurposed into an urn display on decks and in homes. How can I turn my old branches into a home decor accent?

Dear Wanda:
I have been known to climb a few trees back in my day to build home decor accents. Some pearls of wisdom I can pass along to readers:

  1. Make sure the tree is indeed on your property.
  2. Italian shoes are not proper tree cutting attire. Fancy shoes get stuck in tree crossings.
  3. Yell “Timber!” when a branch is cut and about to fall to the ground. It’s fun and ensures the neighbour’s cat has had sufficient time to move out from where the branch will land.
  4. Unless you are an experienced lumberjack, seek professional help. Mixing a ladder and a chain saw screams “Emergency Room” for the amateur DIYer.

Now that you have mastered your Timber cutting skills, we will put your new skills to good use in creating a fab DIY tree urn for your garden.

– Tree branches
– Outdoor white primer aerosol paint
– Silver outdoor aerosol paint
– Black outdoor aerosol paint
– Black urn
– Large rocks
– Saw

Step 1:
Cut branches from a tree in various sizes. The project can be completed with one large branch or multiple smaller branches.

Step 2:
Prime and paint the branches using silver or white aerosol paint. Let the paint dry before continuing to the next step.

Step 3:
Spray the tips of the branches with black aerosol paint.

Step 4:
When the paint is dry, place the branches in an urn of the appropriate size and proportion. Lay large rocks at the bottom of the urn to keep the branches in place.

Step 5:
Voila, your old branches have been transformed into a work of art for your garden.

Patio Photo Source Information:
Black Lounge Set with Ottoman: Canadian Tire
Patio Table, Dining Chairs, Arm Chairs and Red Throw Cushions: JYSK Bed-Bath-Home


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