DIY Zebra Print Frame Project

Dear Marc:
I have leftover zebra-print fabric from when I re-upholstered a couple accent pillows. The fabric is stunning and I have about half a yard left. What can I do with my leftovers?

Dear Angelica:
I went on a mission to try to find a creative way to utilize leftover fabric without spending more money or taking out a needle and thread. Sewing is one of those things: if you can avoid the work of having to hem and stitch, you have a winning project in my book!

While perusing my living room, I found a black frame that my wife had received while judging a competition. The frame didn’t have matting around the photography. For those who have gotten something matted recently, it comes to no surprise that it can be costly, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. So, how do we make a regular frame look amazing? Well, it’s simple. We’ll use leftover fabric to mat the image and to top it off, for those at a lost for photography, we’ll cut out a black and white photo from our favourite magazine!

– Black frame
– Fabric
– Scissors
– Magazine cut-out

Step 1:
Remove the backing from the frame. Lay the glass atop a piece of fabric and cut the fabric to match the size of the glass.

Step 2:
Place the glass back in the frame then lay a picture cut-out from a magazine in the centre of the frame.

Step 3:
Lay the fabric on top of the picture then secure the backing in place.

Step 4:
Voila, leftover fabric has been re-purposed into designer matting around your favourite picture.

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