Hair Care Tips For Men

Contrary to common belief, men care about having good-looking hair too, (even though they’re not flipping their shiny manes around in shampoo commercials). That said, boy hair really isn’t that different than girl hair and should be treated with the same amount of TLC no matter whose head it’s on. Keep reading for some not-so-secret secrets for maintaining your man mane.


Pat, Don’t Rub 

The way you dry you hair is likely more habit based than it is strategic. Unfortunately, a habit of rubbing your hair dry with a towel is seriously detrimental to your strands and will cause breakage. Instead, gently pat your hair dry with a towel to sponge up excess moisture and always opt to air dry rather than using a blow dryer.


Don’t Wash it Every Day  

As quality as your shampoo and conditioner might be, the reality is that they likely contain a myriad of chemicals that can dry out and deplete your hair. Limit your washing to once a week if possible, so that your scalp’s natural oils have the chance to form and naturally condition your hair.


Shower with Cold Water  

Like a lot of shampoos and conditioners, hot water can also strip your hair. Try to avoid showering with super hot water, though it might be tempting!


Go Product-less  

More product means more foreign buildup on your scalp, which mean you’ll have to wash your hair more frequently. Less is always more when it comes to things like hair gel, hair spray, and sculpting clay.


Brush Smart  

Your hair is most delicate when it’s wet, so as a rule of thumb, avoid brushing or combing straight out of the shower. In terms of bristles or teeth, use a brush or comb with prongs that are set far apart.


Avoid Hats 

Just like woman are advised to stay away from tight ponytails, men should stay away from tight toques and hats. Avoid anything that puts pressure on the follicles.


Consider Your Overall Health  

Keep in mind, the state of your hair is a direct reflection on what you’re eating, how you’re sleeping, and whether or not you’re exercising. Taking care of yourself ultimately means that you’re taking care of your hair.

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  • NUYU 1 year ago

    This article on hair care tips for men is really good. Each point in this article will definitely provide usefulness for all men looking for hair care advice. The first point is very important for maintaining a healthy appearance for your hair, especially if you can let it dry naturally.

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