Insider Tips for Creating a Light, Happy Home

If you’re still feeling the winter blues this spring, it may be because your home still feels like winter. The designers at Revolve have some tips for creating a modern living room that’s full of bright colours and lighting, which are shown to increase endorphins and promote happiness.

Let the sun in.

It’s time to pull back the curtains and let the natural sunlight pour into your home. If you have windows in your living room or adjacent rooms, try to keep the curtains open when you are home. The increase in natural light will automatically make a huge difference. If privacy is an issue and you prefer to keep some curtains closed, choose white or light-coloured curtains that still let sunlight in, while maintaining your privacy.

No windows, no problem.

If windows are sparse in your living room, add more artificial lighting into the room. Accent your overhead lighting with a mod pendant lamp (shown below: Smash Pendant Light from Revolve Furnishings) and floor lamps. Use energy efficient bulbs to reduce energy costs and keep your home feeling cool even with all the lights on.

Smash 957S._ Edison Grey Wood and Dark Base Crop

White is the way to go.

You can never go wrong with modern white furniture. Furniture tends to dominate our living rooms and using white furniture gives the room a lighter, brighter feeling. If you’re not looking to change all your living room furniture right now, start with a simple, comfortable white accent chair (shown above: Edison Chair and Ottoman) and it will do the trick.

Bring in the bright colours of spring and summer.

Whether through furniture or accessories, using bold, bright colours in your living room will definitely boost the mood. Some of our favourite bright furniture pieces are a teal dining chair (Tula Dining Chair), sleek green sofa chaise (Toppo Sectional) and bright orange bookcase (Pavo Hall Cabinet). You can also use bright accent pillows and décor to bring colour into the room.


Tula Pavo

Toppo Lime LHF

Follow our advice and you’re sure to notice a change in your mood when spending time in your newly transformed space.

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