Upcycled Wire Hanger Decor Accent

Dear Marc:
While moving into our cute little bungalow, I noticed that we had more plastic hangers than metal ones. When organizing the new closets, I replaced the metal hangers with matching plastic for a clean look. I am left with approximately ten metal hangers. Can I upcycle them?

Dear Trisha:
Isn’t it funny when we move into a new house, our excitement is so viral that even our closets get a makeover? I am often reminded of the sitcom, Friends where Monica, the clean freak had a closet that had more clutter than the streets of downtown Toronto’s rush hour.

With this being said, it’s clear that even the most organized people have to work at it.

When moving, we also went through the “organizing stage”. When we say it outloud, it almost sounds like a twelve step program with the first step admitting that we are fanatic organizers. I bet go-ers of these “fanatic organizer meetings” would have all of their attendance chips nicely categorized and at such a meeting, they would confess something along the lines of, “Hi, My name is Marc and I’ve been a recovering fanatic organizer that has been dirty for 65 days. But I’ve slipped. Last night, I found myself organizing my wife’s DVD collection on my way to the bathroom.”

All humour aside, I think that organizing one’s home can be done one project at a time. Closets are always a daunting task as it’s usually filled with a clutter of things we don’t want to see! Also remember, whatever you take out of the closet, you must either store somewhere else, repurpose the item into something new, or get rid of it.

For instance, your lovely metal hangers didn’t match your “closet decor”, so now what shall you do with all these extra hangers? Well I say we make lovely wire ball accessories!

– Wire hangers
– Pliers

Step 1:
Take a simple wire hanger and unwind the wire where it meets using pliers.

Step 2:
Straighten out the bends in the wire with pliers.

Step 3:
Secure the pliers on the end of the wire and twist the wire counterclockwise.

Step 4:
Repeat step one to two using a new hanger and wrap the second hanger in the opposing direction around the ball. Think of a ball of yarn when shaping your wire accessory. It must have just as many vertical lines as horizontal ones.

Step 5:
Depending on the size of the ball desired, you may want to add a third or fourth wire. Once the wires have been wrapped, there you have it, a decorative wire ball accessory.

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