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Much like clothing and home decor, makeup is hardly a one-size-fits-all affairand the perfect smokey eye is no exception. Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Tianna Tran shows M&M viewers how to recreate the same smokey eye look for different shaped eyes.
Step 1: Prime
First of all, smooth eye primer base over the upper eyelid. This is an important step in ensuring the eyeshadow will last. You can also use a skin toned shadow on the top lid as a base.
Step 2: Crease
You can now start applying your colors, such as a warm, orange tone in the crease. Then use a clean brush to blend the shadow into the skin further. You can now go in with a deeper color, such as a darker orange tone. Apply it within the crease. TIP The secret to a great eyeshadow look is to use a clean brush at all times. 
Step 3: Upper Lid
Next, apply a lighter color, such as a shimmering gold tone, onto the lid. Use a small crease brush to apply a warm brown tonewhich is a bit darker than the deeper orange toneto the outer “V” of the eye. 
Step 4: Bottom Lid
To create the smokey look on the bottom lid of eye, apply the original warm, orange tone to the bottom lid in a thin line. You can also use a brown pencil to outline the eye at this stage. 
Step 5: Lashes
If so desired, apply lashes at this stage, followed by a thin eyeliner wing. 
To learn how to recreate this makeup look and more, check out the video above!
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