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Melanie’s Date Night Makeover

Melanie’s husband, Ken, wrote in to the Marc & Mandy Show asking us to give his wife a makeover. A working mom of two, Melanie has been taking care of her family and her husband while he recovered from a health crisis and he felt that she deserved a chance to do something for herself […]

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5 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Relationship with Your Kids

Ah yes, the relationship.  How do we improve it?  Does it need to be changed? How can we, as parents, improve?  Here are some tips that may help: Spend Time with Your Kids It doesn’t have to be an exciting adventure every time.  It can be a bonding time, especially in this day and age […]

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5 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Life

Everyone wants to makeover their life in some small way, shape or form. I am with you on that, believe me. Here are five easy ways you makeover your life. Schedule some alone time Yes, you do deserve it! It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mom, high power executive, or single person, we […]

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