Don’t Forget What You Learned As a Kid

Happy family! Mother and daughter child girl are brushing teeth toothbrushes in the bathroom.

Proper dental care is something many people learn at a young age. It seems that waking up and bedtime routines are synonymous with brushing your teeth. Flossing, brushing with quality tools, and swishing with mouthwash encompass a total care system to keep those pearly whites healthy and strong. There are a lot of options to make everyone’s personal mouth cleansing ritual unique and comfortable depending on their needs and preferences. Keeping up with your daily dental routines not only makes you look amazing but keeps you feeling and staying healthy.

Brushing in Comfort

The two things you need to perform this simple yet important task are obviously a toothbrush and toothpaste. But there are so many brushes out there to choose from. Soft or firm, large or small head, and electric or manual are just some options. It’s all about comfort and reaching all the nooks and crannies. People with sensitive gums should consider softer brushes to help avoid excess bleeding. And smaller brushes, like children’s, are great for getting behind the back teeth or between missing ones. Remember to change your toothbrushes out at least every three months.

There are many options for electric toothbrushes and the costs vary depending on what you want. The advantage of a vibrating brush is that it helps to loosen particles and bacteria from between your teeth.

For toothpaste, the options seem infinite. Brands like Colgate Total SF can help with overall mouth care just by brushing your teeth, gums, and tongue twice daily. Many kinds of toothpaste offer whitening to go along with fluoride and cleansing. There are gels, pastes and an endless variety of flavors. Brushing should be pleasant and satisfying so you walk away feeling refreshed and clean.

Little girl at dental clinic, learning how to brush teeth correctly

Flossing Matters

So who really likes to floss? There are those people who enjoy it and even tend to do it comfortably anywhere, even in public. Many people, however, are not comfortable with those little bits of food particles flinging from their mouth into the communal air. Whether you floss in private or after every bit of food and whether it’s at your desk or on the bus, flossing is an important part of the total dental routine.

Making flossing fun can happen when you purchase a water pick device. When warm water is gently vibrating between your teeth and softly massaging your gums, it’s very soothing. Water combined with a good fluoride rinse takes the experience to an even better level and your mouth feels fresh almost all the way to the roots.

Rinsing with Taste

Speaking of rinses, there are all kinds of flavors and purposes. Pick something that you know you need to keep your mouth healthy and will be able to deal with your personal needs and issues. Choose a flavor (or a couple for different moods on different days). Make the final step in your ritual a calming and refreshing end to your at least twice daily task. Be sure to swish for the recommended time and then don’t eat for at least 30 minutes. Combining this step with brushing with products like Colgate Total toothpaste and a quality floss or water pick gives you the full treatment.

Make sure you don’t neglect what you were taught at a young age. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are the basic tasks that are readily within your control to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible outside of regular visits to your dentist. Healthy, clean teeth that are white and brilliant not only make you look amazing but keep you feeling happy and ready to smile to show them off.

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