Expert Advice: Grid-tied Solar Energy Systems

Photo Source: Novo Solar

QUESTION: Can you explain a grid-tied solar energy system to me. What can I expect when installing a system like this?

ANSWER: “Grid-tied” means that your home is still connected, or “tied” to the BC Hydro power grid. When the sun is shining, your house will use the solar energy first and if you require more, that extra power will come from BC Hydro. If your system generates more power than you can use, the unused power will feed back into the grid. BC Hydro will pay you for that power and credit your account. If you have credit left over at the end of the year, BC hydro will send you a cheque for the balance.

Photo Source: Novo Solar

Grid-Tied Solar Panel Systems are a powerful rooftop energy solution that delivers power for decades. Our solar panels feature the toughest 25-year warranty in the industry and their high efficiency silicon solar cells maximize the energy output per area.

Photo Source: Novo Solar

Each solar panel installation comes with a high-performance inverter system that transforms the DC solar power into usable AC power for your home. With the optional data card, you can have online performance monitoring that can be viewed on your home desktop computer or on the go, with a mobile device. The use of solar energy allows you to reduce your reliance on BC Hydro and protect against the ever-increasing electricity rates. – Mark Tizya, Novo Solar

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