Repurposing Old Belts into Custom Picture Frames

Dear Marc:
During my spring cleaning, I worked myself through piles of clothing and accessories that I don’t wear anymore. I took some old purses and turned them into accent pillows like you did in a past column (great project by the way!), but my creativity ceased to exist when I tried to repurpose my old belts. They are reptile print belts that I don’t use anymore. I’d give them away but I paid quite a bit for them so I’d like to use them somewhere in my home. Any ideas?

Dear Shelley:
We’ve got to love spring cleaning! We tackle our closets thinking we’re going to throw away some unwanted items, but it’s more like a trip down memory lane. We end up trying on those tacky pants from nineteen seventy something and convince ourselves that they actually look good. The best part is when we try to convince ourselves that they still fit! They have “shrunk” in the closet, right? Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Then comes the bling: all kinds of things that we pull out of our closet… things that we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing but keep as memorabilia. So how is anyone supposed to clean out their closet area with such deep ties to everything that lies within the black hole? Well, I always say, if you can’t get rid of it, for Pete’s sake, repurpose it so that you have enough closet space to hang a new belt!

Speaking of belts, they make fabulous repurposing materials. My personal favourite DIY project using belts is an upholstering project. Simply adhere a slim belt to the face of a picture frame to transform it from drab to fab!

– Frame
– Slim belt
– Doubled-sided tape
– Scissors

Step 1:
Layer two pieces of belts in a perpendicular fashion one on top of the other.

Step 2:
Cut diagonally the two pieces of belt as to form a perfect seam.

Step 3:
Adhere the belt to the face of the frame using doubled-sided tape.

Step 4:
Repeat steps one to three for the remaining corners.

Step 5:
Voila, a cheap frame has been transformed into an expensive reptile print accessory!

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