5 Ways to Develop Stronger Intuition

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Much like confidence and self-awareness, being intuitive is a practice that can be cultivated and learned. Intuition is a powerful and often underestimated tool that we all encompass; but there’s a difference between simply possessing intuition and understanding it to the point of trusting it. Learn how to heighten the impact of your intuition with these five practices.



Being able to quiet the mind is a good practice in general and it also happens to be a good way to ensure you are maximally receptive to your intuition. After all, you intuition is that “little voice inside your head,” and little voices can be hard to hear in a cluttered mind.


Engage in Something Creative

Think: drawing, writing, or even adult coloring. Creatively driven activities such as these tend to calm and quiet the mind, leaving it privy and receptive to intuitive thoughts.


Start a Dream Journal

Dreams are the manifestation of the subconscious, making them an invaluable tool in realizing the full potential of your intuition. The only problem with dreams is that they are often difficult to make sense of; that is if we can remember them. Keeping a dream journal is a therapeutic way to make sense of what lurks in the depths of your subconscious, and over time, important themes could become apparent.



When working, going to school or taking care of a family, the mind becomes bogged down, making it difficult to hear any sort of clear inner voice. To combat this, take some time to escape; be it fishing, camping, or even a bike ride.


Test and Trust Yourself

Perhaps the most prevalent pillar of good intuition is self-trust, which is easier said than done. Of course, you trust your abilities at you job, or as a friend or partner, but are you able to trust your own gut feelings without question? A good way to ease yourself into that self-trust is to write down your hunches or gut feelings and come back to them later. Seeing you are correct more often than not will help you to foster important confidence, making you more comfortable trusting your intuition in the future.


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