5 Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom Door

Whether your home is big or small, every square inch counts. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up five creative ways to utilize the commonly under-utilized space behind the bedroom door.


This over-the-door shoe organizer, available in a 24 pair or a 36 pair version, is a strong but simple hanging rack; perfect for the fashionista with so many shoes and so little space.

Photo Source: wayfair.ca

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The Clutterbuster family towel bar comes with four easy-to-clean parallel bars to accommodate your family’s towel and bathrobe hanging needs.

Photo Source: houzz.com

Details and instructions.


In addition to being neat and compact, this collapsible wall hanger, from Home Hardware, can be used for hanging anything from freshly washed delicates to your thickest of winter jackets.

Photo Source: homehardware.ca


Photo Source: homehardware.ca

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The Longstem Overdoor/Wall Organizer which is, as their website aptly describes, “The Ultimate Jewelry Storage Solution”.

Photo Source: longstem.com

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This DIY floating bookshelf idea.

Photo Source: thepaintedhive.net

Details and instructions.


  • Meena 2 years ago

    VERY Resourceful Young Lady !!!
    Thank you for your insight.

  • Abbie John 2 years ago

    Thanks @Zakiya Kasam
    Long stem Over door design and adjustment of all the things is mind blowing i really impress of your design of overdone

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