5 Tips to Keep Your Pet in Top Shape

Dog and cat best friends sitting together outdoors in autumn forestFor many of us, the changing seasons serve as a physical reminder to perform a self-health and wellness check. From adopting a new diet and exercise plan or trying out a new hobby, autumn is the perfect time to kick start changes. But have you thought about doing the same check-in for your furry best friend?

Take the time to evaluate your pet’s routine this season and keep these tips in mind to ensure they’re ready and healthy for the coming months.

  1. Don’t let ticks cozy up. Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean tick season is over, so talk to your vet about tick and flea prevention. Make sure you give your lawn a good manicure before letting your dogs or outdoor cats play outside, as ticks love long grass.
  2. Watch for rodenticides. As the cooler weather sets in, mice, rats, and other rodents will be looking for shelter, and many households turn to rodenticides as a solution. Whether ingested directly or through touching an infected rodent, rodenticides can be deadly for pets. Research safe pest control methods and keep an eye on what your pet is sniffing and eating when outdoors.
  3. Beware of holiday foods and decorations. From Halloween candy to festive decorations and holiday dinners, homes are typically stocked with a mix of foods, sweets, and seasonal décor. Keep foods that can make your pet sick — like chocolate which is toxic to both cats and dogs — out of sight and reach. Beware of your holiday trinkets; pets get curious, and sometimes try to ingest undesirable objects.
  4. Give your dog or cat an in-depth grooming job, especially if they’re long-haired. Keeping their fur in good shape as we move into the colder seasons goes beyond aesthetics — it’s important for health reasons too. Try to brush their coat regularly to avoid matting, which can lead to discomfort and skin irritation.
  5. Evaluate their feeding plan. Just like humans, many pets stand to benefit from eating healthier foods that contain more nutrients. Try combing dry and wet food, as wet food is known to improve an animal’s urinary tract health, promote organ function, and increase hydration. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating a mix of both wet and dry food into your pet’s diet online at petmixedfeeding.ca.


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