5 Ways to Kick up Your Workout Routine a Notch


One of the great things about working out is that it forces you to develop a routine. While the habitual nature of a fitness regime can be effective and often comforting, it can also get redundant if you’ve been at it a while. Try these five ways to kick your workout routine up a notch and challenge yourself further.

  1. Boost your intensity. This is a simple one, but also the first step you should take if you’re starting to feel bored. If you weight lift, try lifting more or adding repetitions. If you run, try interval training. Challenge your body’s aerobic and anaerobic system by alternating between sprinting and walking.
  1. Work out with other people. Make your work out a social activity instead of a solitary one. Not only could this remedy boredom, it might also serve as a helpful motivator and a way to pick up new workout techniques.
  1. Work out in different environments. If you are a gym buff, try exercising outside or engaging in sporting activities such as swimming, tennis or biking.
  1. The TRX functional trainer. The TRX equipment is portable, versatile, incorporates several muscles at a time – (because if you’re bored with your fitness routine, your muscles likely are too!) – and aims to challenge your core, resulting in improved balance and control.
  1. Cross train. Add different activities to your workout routine. Test out new machines if you go the gym and incorporate them into your routine ortry alternating between aerobics and/or strength training.

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