5 Theme Ideas for Fabulous Dinner Ideas

dinner partyJust because the guest list is adult only, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with a theme. In fact, themes can help make a dinner party memorable. Having a theme will also make planning easier as it gives you and your guests a clear direction to go in. Here are five great dinner party theme ideas to get you started!

Mexican Dinner Party: Start off with appetizers like home made salsa, corn or guacamole. Serve Coronas, Mojitos and Margaritas at the bar. For an informal event, set up a taco bar for the main course!

Hollywood Glam:  Bring back some old Hollywood glamour with champagne and petite fours. Set a formal dress code and tell guests to arrive dressed for the red carpet: and then have a red carpet ready for their grand entrance! If budget allows, hire a local teen with a camera to play the role of paparazzi as guests arrive.

Flashback Party:  Take your guests back to the 70’s, 80’s or whatever era you prefer.  Decorate using items from that era and encourage guests to dress to match.

Casino Theme:  Send out invitations that look like playing cards. Have a buffet off to the side and hire a few young adults to deal out on different gambling tables. Use tokens in place of cash and have a blast!

Wine & Cheese Night:  Invite guests to an evening of wine and cheese tastings. Don’t forget to include other appetizers and coffee for guests to enjoy between tastings. If you have a tight budget, have a “potluck” evening where each guest brings their favourite wine and cheese for the group to try.

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  • Sari Jane 5 years ago

    I always love the mexican theme – so light-hearted and fun and fills the space with so much colour.

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