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Expert Advice: How Much Paint do I Need?

Q. How much paint do I need to paint my room? A: In generally, a medium size room (12’ by 12’ with 8’ high ceilings) will usually take about ¾ of a gallon per coat for the walls. It is important to choose a good quality paint to ensure proper coverage with two coats. My […]

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Expert Advice: Carpet Repair – Clean First or Stretch First?

QUESTION: My carpet has bumps and I want to get it stretched and cleaned. Should I have it cleaned first or stretched first? We asked Pablo of Curly’s Carpet Repair and this is what he recommends: There are people and/or cleaning companies who will tell you to get it cleaned first and than stretched. They […]

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Expert Advice: Grid-tied Solar Energy Systems

QUESTION: Can you explain a grid-tied solar energy system to me. What can I expect when installing a system like this? ANSWER: “Grid-tied” means that your home is still connected, or “tied” to the BC Hydro power grid. When the sun is shining, your house will use the solar energy first and if you require […]

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