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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Father’s Day

Dad, You Are Dynamite!! ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 6 What an explosive idea! Try this dynamite wrapping paper, it's the bomb! Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('890623627e1d3ea0e901f4ad61a647d7', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make With Your Kids

Building Memories with Dad ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 8 This great little project is a wonderful way to keep some memories alive with your child. It means spending time together and really bonding. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('4eedaedf5b0d6b5a808fd97ed200a67e', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Father’s Day DIY Ideas for Grown Ups!

A DIY gift is meaningful and memorable, not matter what age you are! Here are some great DIY gift ideas that aren’t meant for kids!

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Top 5 Tips For Losing Weight After Having A Baby

Just about every new mum is really concerned with how to go about shedding those extra pounds left over from her pregnancy as quickly as possible. While they will naturally lose the weight over time, many mothers want even faster results, and that is where diet and exercise come into play shortly after giving birth. […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts for a New Mom

If someone you know has just had a baby, Mother’s Day can provide the perfect opportunity to honor her.  Here are some gift ideas born to please: Food Delivery Service News moms are overloaded with tasks and responsibilities—and, of course, they’re sleep deprived.  In between getting to know and care for their baby, new mothers […]

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Creative Ideas for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Caprese Quiche ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 7 If you want to serve mom something a little fancier then PB&J; try these caprese quiches. Tasty! Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('b875dc455cb2da4eaa9fef6a2b037b17', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts for Kids and Tots

Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 8 The perfect tech for kids, Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 by VTech lets them take pictures, videos, play games, tell time and more! Featuring a new sleek and stylish design, this durable smartwatch includes 55 digital and analog customizable watch faces to help kids learn to [...] Read More

Tips on How to Cope with Christmas After Losing a Loved One

Keep it Simple ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 7 It really is OK to not go all out at Christmas. If you feel that this year you just can't send Christmas cards, host the family gathering or other things of that nature; then don't! You are entitled to not do all the running [...] Read More

DIY Father’s Day Cards Your Kids Can Make

Crisscross Card ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 10 This complicated looking card really isn't all that hard to make. Really! Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('66d6a304d1a2b2600f94a4bb57614bc9', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Packing Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Though it may not feel like it most days, summer is nearly upon us, and we’re aptly psyched about it! If you’re planning on taking a trip to commemorate the season, we’ve rounded up some packing tips and tricks for you.   Make a List Even if you’re not necessarily a list-making-type-of-person, it doesn’t hurt […]

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10 Easy DIY Ideas for a Trolls Themed Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for a Trolls-loving little one? Here are some easy, affordable ideas for decor, menu items, favors and more!

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Things to Consider Before Installing a Central Vacuum

  Generally speaking, a central vacuum system, also known as a built-in duct system, is more convenient, more powerful, and much more quiet than you run-of-the-mill upright models. So if you have pets, or simply a lot of messy humans, installing a central vacuum system is something you should at least consider. If you find […]

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How to Talk to Your Teen About Substance Abuse

  Much like talking to your kids about sex and relationships, the topic of substance abuse can be one that’s rather touchy, which is why you should approach a conversation like this one prepared and well-versed.   Plan ahead  As aforementioned, this is not a conversation that should be had impromptu or without proper foresight, […]

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Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Family Tree

Baking Sheet Family Tree ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 8 This is a fun family tree project you can do together with your child. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('d123b626bc5bf63a7e849d24e1c164dc', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

9 Gorgeous DIY Gift Ideas to Make for Mom

Custom DIY Sharpie Mug ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9 For something super simple that your mom will actually use, this custom decorated mug is perfect. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('f1dd42b1ec3b5f1dc795d774385c089d', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

8 DIY Gift Ideas that Kids Can Make for Mom

Looking for a fun, affordable gift idea that your kids can make for mom? Here are some of our favorite ideas!

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What NOT to Get Your Mom on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, we do try our best to get her something that we didn’t get her last year, like the rock concert tickets to YOUR favorite band. She’s a special lady, so we are going to give you a list of things to NOT get her. Hope it helps! Bad Gift #1: An I.O.U […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts that Keep on Giving

If you ask any mom she will tell you that not a day goes by that she isn’t thinking about, or worrying about, her children.  Therefore Mother’s Day is a time to show how much you appreciate all the time, worry, and love that she has put into raising you.  Show your mother that you […]

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Why Every Mother Needs a Time-out

Mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else, they often put themselves last on the list. If you are a busy mom, here are some simple ideas to  nurture and pamper yourself and keep that inner spark glowing: Diet and Exercise: Women who eat right and get enough sleep usually experience greater levels of […]

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Weird but Worthy Scholarship Opportunities You Might Qualify For

  Have you ever heard a scholarship described as “quirky”? If not, perhaps you haven’t been digging quite deep enough for those evasive bursary and grant opportunities. We’ve rounded up three weird ones that, who knows, you or someone in your life just may qualify for.   Stuck At Prom No, your mom isn’t making […]

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Cleaning Hacks for Delicates 

  Laundering your delicates is nothing less than serious business. Besides the fact that lingerie tends to be expensive, it also happens to be easy to damage, what with all the lace, wires, straps, and clips. All the more reason to handle your delicates with care throughout the washing process. Keep reading for a few […]

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Must-Have Apps for Busy Families

  If you have kids, you may find yourself scolding them often for always being glued to their hand-held devices. You may find yourself scolding your SO for this as well. Rather than trying in vein to redirect their attention from their various screens, why not take advantage of it? We’ve rounded up four user-friendly […]

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5 Ways to Improve Desire in Your Relationship 

  Relationships, much like your car or your hair, require regular attention and maintenance to keep them healthy and functioning. Even if your relationship is going smoothly and both parties are happy, it can’t hurt to implement good practices as a preemptive measure. Here are a few ways you can upkeep your relationship and improve […]

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How to Baby Proof Your Relationship

  Nothing tests your relationship with your spouse or SO more than bringing a child into the mix. We’ve got a few tips to help ease the transition from two to three.   Plan Ahead Though your life is likely already chaotic pre-baby, put this one other thing on your to-do list: allot some time […]

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Bake Bunny Cookies with Your Kids for Easter

Easter is a creative time for children with arts and crafts—and especially in the kitchen if they can bake and decorate Easter Bunny cookies in many different shapes and sizes. Take a look at this easy little recipe for Easter Cookies. Certain ingredients are essential for texture and taste success, like the combination of margarine, […]

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